I’m a foreign pharmacist and I’m a mom for 3 kids, passing the TOEFL was such a big challenge for me.

After a few classes with Test Success, I passed the writing section, They have a magic writing strategy that increased my score from 18 to 23, then 24.

Then, I moved to Texas so I started the online course and whenever I had a question I used to send it to Christopher and he always answers right away. I finally passed the TOEFL with a high score, 27 in speaking, 29 in writing and 102 total score.

I have a word to say about Test Success instructors; the unique thing about them is that they treat you as a family member, they consider your success their responsibility and never leave you until you achieve your dreams. They give you a specific feedback about your response that helps you improve.

Christopher and Amy, I can’t say anything except I owe you guys this success and I appreciate your support.