When I first started to study TOEFL, I thought that it is impossible to get the score I wanted and moreover I got scared:) but then when I went to Test Success,  I felt really confident. The way they teach and the way they correct our writing and speaking tasks are unique. When I practiced in class, It was just like the real TOEFL because during the class I got a chance to practice everything I need on TOEFL test. Then I took the TOEFL and I got 85 on my first try.

Thank you so much Christopher, for your great program, strategies and of course your positive energy. You and your course are the best. Thanks again, I am really lucky to get a chance to study with you, I know without your course and your help, I could not get that score.. You are the greatest English teacher I have ever met.. I’m looking forward to seeing you and your family in Turkey:)