TOEFL iBT Score: 107 (R:30, L:27, S:23, W:27)
Test Date: May-2009

The teaching and guidance that I received were extremely helpful and it made me ready for the TOEFL test. I really didn’t have any surprises. In contrary, I found the test easier than what I expected. In other words, the teachers at “Test Success” know how ETS is handling the test and evaluating the test takers. As a result, you, the test taker, will have such a very solid background about the test beforehand.

Additionally, the courses that I received were not comparable to any other courses I received elsewhere or with someone else. I would highly recommend joining “Test Success” for those people about to enter the TOEFL test, and I am quite confident that they will receive the best TOEFL preparation ever to my knowledge and experience. They will save time and effort, and will be put just on the right direction. Undoubtedly, being taught by such great teachers would be the first step towards success in the real TOEFL test.

Finally, I am now studying my Masters, and as a matter of fact, an essential part of that success is due to “Test Success” teachers’s TOEFL preparation method. To conclude, the support that I received is really worth it by all means.

Wish all the best for “Test Success” …