Masaki – Japan

A message for people who must know about this program:

Finally I did it!! (Reading 24, Listening 25, Speaking 28, Writing 21, Total 98) I am very excited and looking to move forward with my plans to apply to dental schools in the US!!!! YESSS!!!! Double thumbs up to the BEST program!!!

What stood out to me the most from the Test Success program was the interactions between the teachers and students, Speaking and Writing feedback from the TS instructors, and the small class size. I can’t express how much I’ve learned from this awesome program in NY to beat the TOEFL

Thank you Christopher for the positive vibes you sent to me before the exam. It was extremely helpful. I also want to extend an additional thank you for the time I spent under your instruction. I really enjoyed the classes and every training in Test Success NY.  Arigato!! 

Warmest regards from Japan.