Hi! My name is Momoe a former student of Test Success about one month ago.

I took TOEFL on 21st November and the score was 91!

It is my best score in my experience! and also it is enough score for me to apply to university. Thus, I send email you to express my gratitude to Test Success because this school was really great and beneficial for students who strongly need to get TOEFL score like me. In my experience, I have belonged to some kinds of English school since when I was a high school student in order to study for TOEFL. However, I think this school Test Success was the best one which is really valuable for TOEFL in various way even I belonged there for only one month. If I meet someone who need to study for TOEFL, I will recommend your school:)

Thank you very much and I hope more students meet and go to Test Success!:)