Testimonial-Stanislav, Russia

The score (107) I achieved with Test Success gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dream –  I already graduated from The University of Chicago  Booth School of Business. I am happy to share why Test Success is the best TOEFL school for me.

First, the school provides you with the deep understanding of how your answers are evaluated by ETS.  I mean the Speaking and Writing sections, whose evaluations are pretty subjective. It is vital that you follow the certain format and Christopher and Zach will teach you to shape your answers properly.

Second, the approach the teachers invented to master the Reading section is very efficient. I was a good reader before the classes but after the preparation with Christopher I had plenty of time to double-check my Reading work. That reduces the level of stress dramatically. For people who read more slowly, ‘1-L’ technique is a key to success.

Third, Test Success does a great job when modeling a real exam environment. Students work at computers and speak into microphones simultaneously with their classmates – which may be embarrassing at the real exam if you didn’t get used to that.

Fourth, students receive a great deal of preparation materials both online and on paper (books). You start from the materials which are easier than real TOEFL and finish your preparation with the ones which are harder. So, when you come to your exam, it will be easier than what you did at Test Success.

Finally, you will just enjoy the atmosphere at the class. Christopher and Zach are passionate about teaching and they are just amazing people. To add the point from an MBA student – Test Success is the best ‘value-for-money’ you can find in New York City.

Good luck with your goals and dreams!