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We think we have the most effective program for succeeding in the TOEFL exam, but don’t take our word for it. Here are just a few of our success stories.

Alex – Ukraine

I got 104 and it’s awesome!

After attending this course for 1 month, I got 88 on my first attempt, after taking a few more lessons, finally I got 104 on my exam.  Thanks to the strategies, which Christopher – the best teacher ever – is giving in his lessons, I could make it. I really appreciate him for all the help. I would recommend Test Success to everyone! If you need to pass TOEFL, you should visit this course.

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Girgis – Egypt

I cannot express how happy I am!

I struggled with the TOEFL before. At first,  my scores were: Reading 15, Speaking 21, Writing 21. I really suffered a lot and I was distracted and didn’t know where to study or with whom I can take courses until a friend of mine told me about Test Success. My teachers are very talented at guiding students to success and they honestly did a great job. They pushed my scores until I got 25 in Reading, 26 in Writing and I did extra Speaking practice with my great tutor, Amy, and I got 26 in Speaking. Now, I can start my career as a pharmacist thank God and thanks to Test Success NYC.

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Olena – Ukraine

I got 107 and I’m happy!

It is a miracle, but just one month was enough for me to get ready for the TOEFL together with Test Success NYC! it was the first time I took the TOEFL iBT and it worked out perfectly for me! Thanks to the unique strategies and explanations of Test Success I became completely familiar with the content of the test and special technics which helped me to pass it properly! I had a possibility to practice TOEFL on the computer the same way it is performed in a test center. Also, it was great to get comments from specialists, concerning speaking and writing parts in order to correct mistakes and improve my skills!

Moreover, the atmosphere in the class was great and very friendly, which also was helpful in the process of preparation! Huge thanks to Christopher for being such a great instructor and wonderful person!! For pointing out things, which can be useful on the test day, interesting stories and a lot of priceless information about numerous aspects of life!!!!

Good luck to everyone! You can do it……with Test Success for sure!!!!!!!


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Mariana – Brazil

Test Success is the place to go!
It’s been a long time since I prepared for an exam and I got 111 in my first try.
Test Success has the right tools to help you succeed in your TOEFL Preparation. The support, online and in class, made all the difference. If you attend classes and practice at home, chances are you will get a great score. The vast online material helps you practice the strategies you learn during the classes. The reading tips and strategies were crucial to increase my chances of getting the right answer and also finishing the test on time. I even had time left at the end to review my answers!

My special thanks to Christopher who cheered me up from the beginning and helped me not only with the technical side of the test, but also with some great tips on how to beat your nerves on the day of the test.

Test Success is definitely the best TOEFL Prep Course in NY.

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Nakyung – Korea

Test Success enabled me to get closer to my dreams. Before taking a course in Test Success, it was hard to improve even 1 point in the TOEFL. However, after learning about valuable strategies from Test Success, I was able to get 107 on the TOEFL iBT! Before knowing Test Success, 107 looked impossible to me, but now it became my score. Every class was very engaging and made me motivated. I strongly recommend Test Success, if you want to see yourself to be full of joy with your improved score. I have no doubt that you can achieve your goal if you follow TOEFL strategies Test Success teaches and online materials on its website.

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