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We think we have the most effective program for succeeding on the TOEFL exam, but don’t take our word for it. Here are just a few of our success stories.

Nicky – India

R:24, L:24, S:26, W:25

I highly recommend Test Success NYC. I don’t have enough words to express how lucky and happy I am to take their classes. I was able to pass my TOEFL after completing their 4 weeks curriculum! It wouldn’t be enough to say how grateful I am to the teachers, I am so thankful for all of their endless efforts to teach me. My TOEFL teacher is one of the best teachers I have ever had. The classes are so much fun. I want to mention a few of many good qualities that make Test Success the best program: 1) They respond right away 2) I could ask them my doubts regarding TOEFL and they would take time after class to explain 3) They always motivate and encourage by saying “trust your instincts”. Christopher, those words have taken me to success 4) I will always be grateful for the time when I told you that I had my exam scheduled in few weeks and you went above and beyond to review all my speaking tasks and scored me within that week even with your busy schedule. 

I can go on and on with this. I highly highly recommend these classes to everyone out there preparing for TOEFL. Their strategies work! Lots of materials to practice and the way they score is perfect!

Thank you so much Christopher and thank you Test Success NYC.

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Katja – Latvia

I am so grateful to Test Success school and especially to Christopher. He is an amazing teacher with a lot of experience, patience, professionalism and a great sense of humor. He makes all the classes very focused on strategic moves combined with learning all important skills that are vital to know how to succeed on this test, as well as making classes interesting and fun. I was so lucky to choose this school for TOEFL preparation. For a relatively short period of time, I have learned so much about all the tricks and strategies you need to know. My score was 98  (on my first try) and I know that without help from Test Success I would never be able to get it on my own. I highly recommend this school to anyone who needs to take this test. 


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Idalmis – Cuba

Test Success is Success! I am forever grateful for all the knowledge, passion and professionalism that the teachers put onto their classes. I was preparing for a very high score in the TOEFL exam and I achieved my desired score. I got 99 points after two previous attempts studying by myself. The teachers gave me the perfect tips and skills in order to achieve my goal. Thanks to this school I will be able to do a Masters degree at NYU, my dream became true. The classes at Test Success are very fun and dynamic, The teachers make sure all the students are on the same page. I enjoyed very much my time there. Check this school if you need to take the TOEFL! You won’t regret it!

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Daniel – Brazil

I am Daniel, pharmacist, working now as an intern and soon to be a licensed pharmacist in America!

It took me approximately a year and 12 marathons of TOEFL to accomplish the score I needed. I started by myself with no course or preparation. Even though I had great scores I wasn’t getting the 26 needed on speaking. After the 4-week course with Test Success, I finally made it! With an outstanding 109 score and 26 on speaking.

The best idea of Test Success is that they teach the do’s and don’ts of the test, a key to save time and focus on what is important.

I have only good things to say about the course and the material provided. Thanks for all support and lessons!

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Olga – Russia

Test Success NYC did an outstanding job preparing me for my TOEFL test.

I took a 4-week prep course with Test Success NYC and got 102 on my TOEFL test first try! I learnt a lot and enjoyed the course tremendously. Course materials offer a great deal of training experience and prepare well for the test day. The instructors are extremely supportive, and the feedback is detailed and always prompt. Special thank you to Christopher, who was very helpful and did an excellent job teaching me effective test taking strategies. His flexible,  interactive and fun mentoring approach exceeded all my expectations of a TOEFL course. What I learnt in class I certainly applied successfully on the day of my test.

Thank you guys for your help and support! Now I am ready for new opportunities! 

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