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We think we have the most effective program for succeeding on the TOEFL exam, but don’t take our word for it. Here are just a few of our success stories.


Mariaclara – Italy

Great great school!! I was enthusiastic since the first day of the free trial. The energy, passion and professional approach of the teachers is very compelling!

Focused on tactics, they really teach you what strategy you need to use to succeed on the TOEFL iBT. I was pretty desperate because before Test Success, I attended another school, but they didn’t teach me the real strategy to beat the TOEFL. Instead, after only 2 weeks of practice I got 96! Now, I’m finishing the course to achieve 100 thanks to Test Success.

They’re really different in human behavior too, the relationship is at the same time professional and friendly and they don’t hesitate to help you. Lots of experience teaching, understanding what is behind the TOEFL, small classes to maximizing the learning, lots of practice materials and the huge use of technology are
the ingredients of that little pearl of school.

Inference questions? Author’s purpose? Now they’re so easy with Test Success!

I really would recommend Test Success to anyone who needs to improve their score, it’s the key to success!

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Testimonial-Francesca, Mexico

Francesca – Mexico

I took the TOEFL several times, I went to a lot of places and I wasted my money. Finally I decided to go to Test Success and I finally scored high on the TOEFL.

I got 107! Go to Test Success and don´t waste your money, it´s great!

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Testimonial-Enmanuel, Dominican Republic

Enmanuel – Dominican Republic

Well, this is my story; believe it or not, my life depended on how well my TOEFL score was. I was really scared; I searched the whole internet trying to find a miracle that could help me to pass the test… Guess what? I found it. Test Success NYC really helped me with every section of the TOEFL and gave me strategies that developed not only the test taking abilities but my academic skills too that will help me through my masters program. I needed a score of 80 and I got 93 on my first try. Test Success really helped me to save my time and money. Thank you!

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Testimonial-Pamela, Peru

Pamela – Peru

I’m finally ready for NAPLEX (National Pharmacy License Examination) thanks to Test Success! After so much struggle and money wasted in private tutors I’m so happy I’m done with TOEFL iBT. Test Success has the best technique to really pass TOEFL. I got 26 in the speaking section and 27 in the writing section, I really wasn’t expecting such great scores. I got a total of 99 I’m so happy!! Thanks so much, you are the best!.

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Testimonial-Anuar, Kazakhstan

Anuar – Kazakhstan

I improved 32 points in four weeks! Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect I would score high on the TOEFL. My first results were poor, 71 on the TOEFL iBT. Consequently, I  became extremely nervous and couldn’t overcome my difficulties on the exam. Then,  I went to Test Success and was in the class with Christopher, who definitely directed and taught me new skills. On the first day of class, I figured out that TOEFL was pretty easy to take, you only need self-esteem and to listen carefully to the strategies the teachers give you in class. The strategies that I learned were simply amazing, actually, they were awesome! After eight classes at Test Success, I got 103 on the TOEFL iBT. It is improbable, but I did. Go immediately to Test Success. I’m totally confident you will never regret it.

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