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We think we have the most effective program for succeeding on the TOEFL exam, but don’t take our word for it. Here are just a few of our success stories.


Hwa Young – Korea

108!!!! Thank you so much for your classes and strategies.

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Valentina – Italy

It was so good for me to learn how to approach the TOEFL test thanks to the preparation that I had at TS, I could have a high preparation and I had a very good score in the exam. It is fun and I was successful. I will tell everyone to go to this center to learn how to reach their goal on the TOEFL test exam. It was the best and complete way for me to reach the score that I needed (101)!

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Fernanda – Brazil

Thanks to you I reached 98 on my TOEFL exam and I was accepted at Fordham Law School!

Sincerely, to study with you two was a unique experience. I’m so glad and thankful and I mean it. I think TS was fundamental for me to achieve my score on TOEFlL  for the following reasons.

First of all, you know exactly how teach TOEFL, which is not easy as people might think it is.

Second of all,  TS was the only course that offered me all the tools I needed to improve my skills. For example, STUDYING IN FRONT OF THE COMPUTER IN YOUR CLASSES;  having someone correcting my essays and speaking right away; giving feedbacks by the internet and also providing a lot of materials made all the difference.

Finally, I must say that the atmosphere that you built is so great that helped me being less stressed during this period; kept me motivated to go to classes and more confident on my exam, NO DOUBT about it.

I think I can’t emphasize enough.

I will keep you posted about my future master and my career.

I would love to celebrate with you soon!!!

All the best,

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Alejandra – Venezuela

Test Success prepared me to get a high TOEFL score. The teachers are really good and always give you feedback on your work. It was a great experience.

I was admitted at Columbia University and at The New School, where I am a current candidate for the Graduate Program of International Affairs.

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Haitao – China

I gained every goal at Test Success, improving my TOEFL scores, meeting nice fellows, and learning a great methodology to improve my English skills.  The teachers are masters of the TOEFL test, and made me feel it’s not difficult to get 100+ score. The teaching methodology will continue to benefit me when I go to Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

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