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We think we have the most effective program for succeeding on the TOEFL exam, but don’t take our word for it. Here are just a few of our success stories.

Marie – Armenia

TOEFL always seemed to me something very hard and unreachable. I always thought that I will never be able to take the test as I don’t have good English background. But Test Success proved the opposite! After 4 weeks of Christopher’s very interesting and professional classes I took my TOEFL exam and got my score. Best way to reach your TOEFL goal is through TEST SUCCESS!

I want to say THANK YOU not only for your professionalism and support but also for your belief in me. That played a key role in my success!!

I wish all the best to you and to Test Success!

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Masaki – Japan

Masaki – Japan

A message for people who must know about this program:

Finally I did it!! (Reading 24, Listening 25, Speaking 28, Writing 21, Total 98) I am very excited and looking to move forward with my plans to apply to dental schools in the US!!!! YESSS!!!! Double thumbs up to the BEST program!!!

What stood out to me the most from the Test Success program was the interactions between the teachers and students, Speaking and Writing feedback from the TS instructors, and the small class size. I can’t express how much I’ve learned from this awesome program in NY to beat the TOEFL

Thank you Christopher for the positive vibes you sent to me before the exam. It was extremely helpful. I also want to extend an additional thank you for the time I spent under your instruction. I really enjoyed the classes and every training in Test Success NY.  Arigato!! 

Warmest regards from Japan.

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Maria Alejandra – Colombia

I’m Maria Alejandra from Colombia, I took classes with Test Success last year in New York and it was a great experience. First, I could achieve the score in the TOEFL I was looking for to apply for my Masters in the United States and second because Christopher my teacher was very kind and had enough patience to explain several times. What I learned in Test Success was very useful during my preparation and during the test. I definitely recommend this course if you need a high score on the TOEFL.

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Amany – Egypt

I’m a foreign pharmacist and I’m a mom for 3 kids, passing the TOEFL was such a big challenge for me.

After a few classes with Test Success, I passed the writing section, They have a magic writing strategy that increased my score from 18 to 23, then 24.

Then, I moved to Texas so I started the online course and whenever I had a question I used to send it to Christopher and he always answers right away. I finally passed the TOEFL with a high score, 27 in speaking, 29 in writing and 102 total score.

I have a word to say about Test Success instructors; the unique thing about them is that they treat you as a family member, they consider your success their responsibility and never leave you until you achieve your dreams. They give you a specific feedback about your response that helps you improve.

Christopher and Amy, I can’t say anything except I owe you guys this success and I appreciate your support.

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Lucia – Argentina

I got 101 on my first try! 

I cannot be more grateful to the Test Success team! Even though I studied a lot for the test, the strategies and material of this course were key to achieve my score. I had been studying for the TOEFL for 2 months, but my improvement during this course was incredible.

The strategies and feedback are extremely useful.  Also, the teachers are amazing – they make the classes enjoyable and they are always willing to go the extra mile in order to help the students achieve their goals.

This is a great and affordable option for TOEFL preparation and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs to take the TOEFL Exam. 

Now I am ready to pursue my Master’s degree in NYC!

Thank you guys!

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